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Our regular team consists of four experienced midwives; we form a close team where a common approach for you is paramount. Below we introduce ourselves to you. Our team is regularly expanded with a (permanent) substitute, she also introduces herself below.

My name is Jolanda Colli. I graduated as a midwife in 1992. Before that, I worked as a nurse for seven years in a general and academic hospital. Besides working in a midwifery practice in Amsterdam, Houten, and Voorhout and taking the required continuing education courses, I have also taught at the Midwifery Academy in Amsterdam for a number of years. I am married and have four children, two of which were born at the hospital and two at home. A significant part of my work involves the contact with the pregnant woman and her partner and the focused concern for her as a person: how she feels during this special period of her life. You build a special connection with the pregnant woman and her partner in a very short time, and together you have a job to get done. I never cease to marvel at the inception and development of the pregnancy and the birth of a child. Above all, the strength of the woman giving birth continues to amaze me.

My name is Madeline van de Giessen. I live in Leiden and have been working as a midwife since 2001. I trained at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, and have been working in Oegstgeest since 2004 as part of a solid team with wonderful colleagues and assistants. I am mother to two beautiful daughters, both born at home. As a midwife, you temporarily take part in the life of two people who are having a child. I use my knowledge, experience, and expertise to monitor and guide the course of the pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period. Eyes, ears, and hands are essential in this profession: at every check-up I examine the pregnant woman with an open mind and a critical eye. I listen for what she is really saying so that we can discuss her expectations, fears, and wishes with the objective of making her feel secure and helping her trust the process of growth which will make her a mother (again). I use my hands to make contact with the belly and to feel how the child grows and lies in the uterus.

I am Esther Krikke and have been working in Oegstgeest since January 2015. I was born at home in Kampen, the eldest of four children. After me came three rather large brothers who were all born at home (the last one weighed 10 pounds!). I have been fascinated by pregnant bellies and little babies ever since I was a child. This awe has never left me. What appeals to me about this profession is the combination of social and medical guidance in the different stages of the pregnancy. I personally believe that a midwife should customise her work: to respond to the individual needs, fears, and expectations of pregnant women and their partners. I strive to create a protected and familiar atmosphere in which your wishes come first and you gain confidence in the process of pregnancy and childbirth. My objective is that you will be able to look back on this special period with satisfaction.

From april till september 2019 I will be on maternity leave, welcoming our first child! 

My name is Eline Schaake. I have been working as a midwife for ten years now. After graduating I worked in Amsterdam-Noord for the first seven years, a city district with a very mixed population. I have been working happily at our practice in Oegstgeest since 2008. I am a lactation consultant as well as a midwife, so you can always approach me for questions on breastfeeding. My husband Guido, who is a professional musician, and I have two lovely sons: Sybren and Lieuwe. Why did I become a midwife? One of my mottoes is ‘a good start is half the work’. I want to contribute as much as possible to a good start to every human life by striving for a natural delivery.

Our assistant


Marja Imthorn is the assistant in our practice. In the mornings she will be the one to answer the telephone. If necessary, she will put you in touch with the midwife on duty. You will also get her on the line when you register for prenatal check-ups. Marja has years of experience as a maternity care assistant and is regularly present at deliveries in the area.

Our substitute

Daniëlle de Vries supports our team since March 2018. She will do consultations and work for us during the holidays and during the maternity leave of Esther. Meet Daniëlle below:

My name is Daniëlle de Vries. I received my training in Rotterdam and besides my duties as midwife I also work as a sonographer. Ever since I was a child I knew that I wanted to become a midwife. As a teenager I already once sat in on consultations in this practice. I marvelled at the process of pregnancy and childbirth and still do. I am committed to focusing on your needs and wishes as (future) parents during the period in which we assist you. I consider it important for parents to be able to look back at the pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period in a positive way. During my training I specialised in psychiatry and I investigated the healthcare needs of women after a delivery which was experienced as traumatic. I can put this knowledge to good use in practice. I look forward to meeting you!


We supervise midwives in training in order to contribute to the training of competent medical professionals who can guide a normal pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period independently and properly. Depending on the level of experience and training stage, we determine which activities the student is allowed to carry out as an apprentice in our practice. One of us is always present here. Midwives in training must abide by the same ethical rules as certified midwives. This means that they are also bound by professional confidentiality. If you nevertheless do not feel comfortable having a midwife in training at your check-up or delivery, just let us know. We will of course respect your choice. Sometimes nurses who are specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology sit in with us for a couple of days. The same goes for doctors specialising in gynaecology. They must gain experience in a midwifery practice as part of the training.