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Ultrasounds and screening

Which (free) ultrasound scans do I get?

  • Vitality scan: the first scan which can be performed during the pregnancy is a vitality scan. This scan is performed around the 8th week of pregnancy and determines whether the pregnancy is inside the uterus and whether the foetus’s heart is beating. In most cases there is no medical reason for this scan, therefore insurance companies only cover this scan in case of a medical indication. We will discuss with you whether you have a medical indication for this scan. The scan is always possible at your own request, for example at PoortPret.
  • Dating scan: the dating scan is performed between the 9+3 and 12th week of pregnancy. Your due date will be determined during this scan.
  • 13-week scan: optional from the 1st of September 2021, a scan to screen you child for severe physical abnormalities. Scroll down this page to ‘prenatal screening’ for more information about this scan.
  • 20-week scan: this scan is optional, but fully covered by your insurance. During the 20-week scan they will screen your child for physical abnormalities. Scroll down this page to ‘prenatal screening’ for more information.

We refer you easily for more scans for the growth and position of your child if necessary. We do not refer routinely because sound waves, which warm up the amniotic fluid, are emitted at every scan. And so far, the consequences for the baby are unknown. For this reason, we recommend as few ultrasounds as reasonably possible during the pregnancy. We are also bound by the insurance companies’ rules on indications for scans. We have the option of using our own ultrasound probe to view the position or heartbeat of the baby (for free) if there is a reason to do so. Read more about this type of ultrasound scan below.

If you need an extra scan, or have other wishes concerning scans during pregnancy, ask us about the options. There are plenty, together we will find a solution!

The medical scans are performed at Verloskundig Centrum de Poort at our practice (monday morning and wednesday morning) or in Leiden. They have the best equipment and, in addition, experienced professionals who perform the scans, which guarantees quality. This can’t be done in a small practice like ours. You can schedule appointments online at Verloskundig Centrum de Poort. 

Prenatal screening

Prenatal screening investigates the presence of certain congenital diseases in your unborn child, should you wish to have this done. If you wish, we can give you more information on this during the first check-up. Whether the prenatal investigation is performed is up to you, the pregnant woman. It is good to know that the national screening information is stored in a database called Peridos.

Prenatal diagnostic tests

Pregnant women whose babies have an elevated risk of a congenital defect or genetic disorder according to the results of the NIPT or medical history, have the right to prenatal diagnosis (chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis). This type of investigation can indicate whether there are signs of e.g. a chromosomal disorder, a genetic disease, or a congenital defect. We refer you to LUMC for this prenatal investigation.