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Preparation for delivery

It is important to have a few practical matters arranged before the delivery, such as maternity care. Being able to find your house easily also helps us, so make sure that the house number is clearly visible and that the doorbell works. Here are some more useful things for you to do!!


Maternity package and raising the bed
Whether you prefer to deliver at home or at the hospital, you will need to raise your bed and have a maternity package at home in both cases.

We recommend that you raise your bed during week 37 or 38. The recommended height is 80 cm. Do you have doubts about the height? Consult us! Bed raisers can be borrowed from a shop selling home care products or a maternity care office. The maternity package can be requested from your insurance company. Should the expenses for this be too high for you, we can help you to obtain one. Ask us about this!


Delivery suitcase
We recommend that you prepare your delivery suitcase around week 37. This is what it should contain in any case:

  • Your pregnancy record sheet, ID, and insurance card. If you have a registration card from the hospital, take it with you as well. If not, then you don’t need to have one made in advance
  • The books you received from the maternity care organisation
  • A (video) camera
  • A €2 coin for a wheelchair. Remember to put the Maxi-Cosi in the car too!
  • For yourself: comfortable clothes for during and after the delivery, two pairs of socks, (loosely fitting) underwear, and your toilet bag. Optionally bathrobe and slippers.
  • For the baby: two sets of clothes (bodysuit, sweater/shirt, trousers, socks, cap), a coat, and a wrap

Extra supplies for a home delivery
We prefer that you deliver downstairs or on the first floor, just in case we have to transport you to the hospital. Is that a problem? Are you not sure whether your house is suitable for a home delivery? Consult us!

For a home delivery it is convenient to have the following at arm’s reach:

  • Two buckets with rubbish bags
  • 10 hydrophilic nappies, washed and ironed
  • Two certified metal hot-water bottles with covers
  • A toilet paper roll
  • Appropriate lighting
  • It is practical to have a bedpan in the house if you want to deliver at home. You can borrow one from a shop selling home care products or a maternity care office.