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We have a contract with all the insurance companies in 2021! We are very happy about this because each pregnancy and delivery is unique and needs customised guidance.

What will be reimbursed? The basic insurance reimburses midwifery care of mother and baby before, during, and after the delivery and the mandatory excess does not apply here. For other healthcare expenses related to the delivery, such as additional laboratory tests or (ambulance) transport in connection with the delivery, the mandatory excess does apply if this care is covered by the basic insurance.

What will not be reimbursed?

  • Prenatal screening (NIPT: €175,-)
  • A statutory personal contribution is required for delivery at a maternity clinic or at a hospital as an outpatient without a medical indication. Some insurance companies reimburse part of this. In addition, some supplementary insurance packages reimburse the entire amount of the personal contribution. Check your policy or ask your insurance company what the amount of the personal contribution is if you want to deliver at a maternity clinic or a hospital.
  • Transport by ambulance is covered, but you pay your ‘eigen risico’.
  • Maternity care is the care of mother and child after the delivery. The basic insurance reimburses 80 hours of maternity care at the most, distributed over 10 days maximum. The exact duration is determined using the Landelijk Indicatieprotocol Kraamzorg (National Maternity Care Guidelines). A personal contribution is required for maternity care at home, or at the hospital or maternity clinic if the mother stays there without a medical indication or you can take out a supplementary insurance for this and avoid paying the contribution.

More information on insurance companies and policies
Take the time to choose your insurance company and insurance policy carefully. Check insurance company comparison websites such as,, or to see what type of policy you can take out.