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If you want to become pregnant, you can discuss this with us in a consultation if you like. This is called a pre-conception consultation. Call us for an appointment!

During the consultation we will discuss your health situation and investigate which lifestyle factors or other factors may influence the health or your future baby, since the early development of the baby is very vulnerable. Research shows that it influences the health of the parents ans the child positively when expectant parents are well informed about the factors that influence the pregnancy.

Your chances of getting pregnant, lifestyle and menstrual cycle will be reviewed as well. This consultation is most of the times reimbursed by your insurance company.

Go to this website for more information about becoming pregnant. 

  • Book tips if you are thinking of becoming pregnant
    * InNESTeling, becoming and staying pregnant (This book has been translated into English and is available as ‘Eat, Breathe, Conceive’)
    by Rika Lukac
  • Book tips for when it takes longer than expected to become pregnant:
    * Hormoonbalans voor vrouwen (Hormone balancing for women)
    by Ralph Moorman
    * Beschuit zonder muisjes
    Marije Vermaas and Martine van Blaaderen