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Where to deliver?

If there are no medical indications for a hospital delivery, you can choose between delivering at home or as an outpatient at the hospital. Make sure to choose the place where you think you will feel more at ease. Remember that there are extra costs associated with delivering in hospital without a medical indication. Our practice collaborates frequently with GeboorteHuis Leiden. We also regularly work with the Leiderdorp Alrijne Hospital. Thanks to the smooth collaboration and communication between our practice and the hospitals in the region, we can quickly and easily refer you to the gynaecologist if necessary.

And remember that wherever you have chosen to deliver, there is a possibility of things turning out differently. Where and how you will deliver will ultimately depend on the situation at that moment.

Many women opt for a home delivery because they feel most comfortable in their own trusted environment. The more comfortable you are, the more you can relax, and relaxing has a favourable effect on the contractions. In the Netherlands, due to the infrastructure and our smooth cooperation with the hospitals, it is just as safe as delivering at the hospital. A maternity care assistant is present at a home delivery. Together we make up the team that supports and guides you and your partner at home.

If you wish to deliver at the hospital, we will decide together with you when to go to hospital based on the dilation. We will contact the hospital of your choice and arrange a delivery room for you. If there is no space at the hospital, we will call another hospital. We will guide you both during a home delivery and a hospital delivery. After the baby is born and everything has gone well, you may go home again, usually in three hours’ time. Most insurance companies charge a personal contribution for a hospital delivery without a medical indication. Ask your insurance company about this.

In certain cases it seems wiser that the delivery should take place at the hospital. In this case the location will be specified. This could be because you lost a lot of blood during your previous delivery, or because you live in an apartment complex without a lift. The extra expenses for a hospital delivery no longer apply in this case.