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Renting/buying a breast pump

Should you need a breast pump during the first week after the delivery, it would be best to rent one. The most appropriate breast pump to promote milk production is the Medela Symfony pump, a very sophisticated but expensive pump. It can easily be rented at the Vegro. We also have a Symfony pump and manual pumps which we can lend for a short period of time (free of charge). A manual pump can be useful to pump milk if you are producing too much or during breast engorgement. We also have nipple protectors in stock, handy if you need something fast!

Beyond the first week after delivery

Going back to work, going out for the evening, or problems with breastfeeding can be reasons to use a pump for a certain amount of time. It isn’t necessary to purchase a pump during the pregnancy. It is more useful to wait until you have been breastfeeding for a few weeks to see what sort of pump you would like. Then it will be easier to choose from the wide range of options available for pumps: single or double, electric or manual, etc. You also have the option of using the breast pump comparison service on, or asking a lactation consultant for advice on choosing the right pump. Popular pumps are the Medela Swing and the Medela Freestyle, but other brands are also fine.

Did you know that you are entitled to time for pumping/breastfeeding during work? Read more about it here!