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After a positive pregnancy test you are most welcome to register with us. You don’t need a GP referral to do so!

The first check-up, which we use to introduce ourselves, is scheduled for the 9th week of pregnancy, give or take a few days. During the intake interview we will discuss your medical history, prenatal screening, and the dating scan, amongst others.

We use a so-called ‘care pathway’ as reference for our work. You will receive a paper copy of this document during the intake interview. This care pathway gives an outline of the exact information, examination, investigation, or care which you can expect at each moment. Of course, this is adapted to each individual situation. Sometimes extra investigations are necessary or a consultation with or referral to a gynaecologist is necessary. By considering these factors we can arrive, in consultation with you, at an individual care plan.

The frequency of check-ups increases as the pregnancy advances and we fine-tune this to your specific situation. During the check-ups we examine the blood pressure, the growth of the belly and the baby, and the baby’s heart sounds. Needless to say, there is always time for questions. We document all the check-ups and thus create your personal file, also known as your pregnancy record sheet. You can view this pregnancy record sheet online using the Orfeus B.V. ‘Zwanger!’ app, which is useful if you would like to have access to your pregnancy record sheet at all times.