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Babywearing and Mamacafé

Babies are worn the world over. This is because, amongst other things, body contact is a basic necessity for babies: it is essential for the development of their nervous system and promotes bonding between parent and child. Wearing your child in a wrap, sling, or baby carrier is an easy way of meeting his or her basic needs. Your child can discover the world from this safe environment. It is convenient for you as well: your hands are free more often and you can continue your activities while still being there for your child. Wearing is the ideal option for babies who cry a lot or have (hidden) reflux or colic.

For babywearing it is important to find a wrap, sling, or carrier that is comfortable for both of you. This is important for your back as well as for your child’s hip development. We can refer you to het Knooppunt in Voorschoten for reliable advice and good-quality, pretty baby slings.

Een mooi filmpje over het dragen van baby's


Mamacafé Leidenthe meeting point for mothers and their babies. In the mornings there is always a lactation consultant, midwife and/or paediatric nurse available to answer your questions about breastfeeding or to give parenting tips. Every month we have a guest speaker who gives a talk on a specific topic.

You can find information about dates and topics on the website and on facebook.
Address: Arubapad 4, Leiden.
Time: 9:30-11:30.