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We are committed to providing proper medical guidance and personal attention of consistently high quality.

Collaboration The GP, maternity care assistant, and child healthcare centre as well as the gynaecologist and paediatrician are our partners in the provision of integrated healthcare. We have had good contact and very satisfactory collaboration with our partners in the area for years. Mutual consultation takes place smoothly and swiftly and you are referred if necessary.

Quality register The four of us are registered with the KNOV, the professional association of midwives. As registered members we are required to follow the guidelines and meet the standards of the professional association. This register moreover keeps track of how many continuing education and refresher courses we attend.

Baby-Friendly Our practice has obtained the Baby-Friendly certification! This means that we have the accreditations for our good-quality healthcare regarding baby food (breast milk and formula) according to the International Code of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF. Read more about this on

Client satisfaction We regularly conduct surveys amongst our clients in order to monitor the level of satisfaction and continuously improve the healthcare we provide. We were given an 9.3 on average in these surveys in 2019.

Coöperatie LEO

We are part of Coöperatie LEO. LEO is an alliance of 14 midwifery practices in Leiden and the surrounding area. By pooling our forces, we are able to provide the best care in the field of pre-conception, contraception, pregnancy, ultrasound scans, delivery and aftercare. The LEO practices offer high-quality ultrasound scans in the specialised Verloskundig Centrum de Poorta member of the alliance.

LEO is committed to providing high quality and investing in developments.  For more information, visit the LEO websiteAll the midwives who belong to LEO are medically trained professionals who:

– Provide the best healthcare available in the area;
– Collaborate with gynaecologists and midwives at LUMC and Alrijne Hospital;
– Provide high-quality ultrasound scans in the specialised Verloskundig Centrum De Poort;
– Ensure quality by keeping abreast of scientific research and developments in the field;
– Have a collective training centre in which they attend continuing education courses;
– Are required to undergo peer review;
– Make use of the newest technologies and devices;
– Organise the Breastfeeding and Mamacafé meetings together at various locations;
– Send a weekly informational e-mail to all pregnant women;
– Design new projects together, for instance on pre-conception healthcare and contraceptive methods;
– Manage and release a collective client satisfaction survey;
– Release a public annual report on the activities performed and the services provided;
– Have very close connections as an institution with the KNOV professional association.