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COVID-19: Measures

COVID-19: measures

It is very important that, together with you, we minimalize the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). For this reason, we have to take major measures.

– Do not visit the practice: with a cold, a cough, shortness of breath or fever (>38 degrees).
Also, do not come if you have been in contact with someone who (possibly) has the coronavirus (contact <14 days ago). Contact the GGD or your GP when you have serious complaints of the coronavirus. Are you doubting or do you have other complaints? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are 24/7 available, as usual.

 No health complaints? Come ALONE to your appointment, your partner / others can follow the conversation and examination via video calling (FaceTime or Whatsapp). The time in our practice will be limited as much as possible to the necessary examinations. To discuss your questions and/or worries we will call you the day before your planned appointment with us.
– Together with you we will discuss the frequency of the check-ups, in some cases this can temporarily be less frequent.
– The postpartum check-up after six weeks is in principle done by phone.
– The information evening of April 1 is canceled. We are working on a film with the information.

– Only the medically necessary scans are made (scans at our request, the scan to determine the due date (termijnecho) and the 20 week scan). Unfortunately, it is not allowed to take someone with you.
– PoortPret has temporarily stopped making scans on request.

If a (home) visit is necessary and you are (possibly) infected with the coronavirus, you will be visited by a special “corona midwife”. This is a midwife who is available for pregnant women who are (possibly) infected in order to expose as few as possible healthy midwives to the virus.
– Delivering in the hospital? One person may accompany you, visits from family/friends are not allowed. When your birthpartner has corona complaints, he/she is not unfortunately not welcome at the birth.
– Consider a home birth when you have an uncomplicated pregnancy so far. The chance of getting infected is smaller in your own environment.

– Where possible, postnatal visits will be done by phone, with the possibility of a video call (via FaceTime or Whatsapp). We will visit you at least one time to do the ‘hielprik’.
For the sake of the health of the kraamverzorgster, us and yourself, we discourage to receive any visitors in the first week.

In the client leaflet about the coronavirus (update of 20-3-2020) you can find frequently asked questions about corona and pregnancy and further explanation about the measures.

We hope that these measures are short-lived and keep this page uptodate. Despite the physical distance, we will do our utmost to provide you with the personal care you are used to from us! Is there anything unclear as a result of these measures? Please contact us. Preferably by e-mail, to keep the phone line as available as possible

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