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covid-19: measures

Update 30-06-2021: further changes in the measures and information about covid-19 vaccinations.

Do not visit the practice with fever, shortness of breath at rest or with mild exertion, muscle pain at rest or with mild exertion, general malaise at rest or mild exertion, cough, sore throat, nasal cold, taste and / or loss of smell even without colds, extreme fatigue, pain behind the eyes and diarrhea. And/or a housemate with proven covid-19 and/or when you are in quarantine. Are you doubting or do you have other complaints? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are 24/7 available, as usual. It is possible, and adviced, to be tested via the GGD in case of a nasal cold, coughs, fever, increase and/or sudden taste and smell loss: call 0800-1202. 

We will wear a mouth mask during all contact <1.5 meters during prenatal, natal and postnatal care. Outside the 1.5 meters we will not wear a mouth mask anymore. When you visit the practice it is not necessary to wear a mouth mask anymore. 

– The first appointment and postpartum check-up can be at the practice or by phone. The choice is yours. 
– Two housemates (partner, children) are welcome at the appointment (>13 years with mouth mask). Come preferably alone to your appointment.
We want to ask you to come to the practice at the agreed time, and wash/clean your hands after entering the practice. And if you expect that 15 minutes is not enough time for your questions ánd the check-up, please don’t hesitate and e-mail us. We always want to avoid run-out during our consultations but we have to avoid it these times.
– Back from a journey to an ‘orange’ country?
The advice is to stay 10 days in quarantine at home, it is possible to do a covid-19 test after 5 days. Do you have an appointment with us during those 10 days or need care? Please let us know!

 The informational evenings are again cancelled. The online film is for the time being the alternative.

– Partners (without health complaints) are welcome during the scans.
De Poort has the same measures as we do: no health complaints and preferably not when you are in quarantine (for whatever reason). Please contact de Poort when you’re doubting or when you have to change your appointment.
– PoortPret is open.

If a (home) visit is necessary and you are (possibly) infected with the coronavirus, you will be visited by us (with protection). 
Delivering in the hospital? Two persons may accompany you. In the delivery room it is not necessary to wear a mouth mask, outside the room it is obligated in the entire hospital. When your birthpartner(s) has corona complaints, he/she is not unfortunately not welcome at the birth. Unless he/she is tested negative for corona. 

– Regulare care: three home visits, among other for the ‘hielprik’. Let us know if you, or family members, have covid-19 symptoms.
The hearing test will take place at the CJG (centrum voor Jeugd en Gezin).

In the client brochure about covid-19 (in Dutch, update of 3-10-2020) you can find frequently asked questions about corona and pregnancy and further explanation about the measures.

– See this link for the point of view on vaccination for covid-19 during pregnancy and postpartum period (updated version 22-4-2021).
FAQ on the website of

Despite some more physical distance, we will do our utmost to provide you with the personal care you are used to from us! Is there anything unclear as a result of these measures? Please contact us.